TPIA is now The K3Y

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Unlocking Possibility for Over

After 3 decades as The Pacific Institute Africa, we are transitioning to The K3Y. We have answered the call to evolve and re-write the script to our future. Step into our world through our story.

Unveiling the Unseen



After 3 decades as the Pacific Institute Africa, we are transitioning to The K3Y. We have answered the call to evolve and re-write the script to our future.Step into our world through our story.

The Rebrand

The birth of The K3Y marked a profound culmination of our transformative journey, a bold step into an era where reinvention defines our essence. This reimagined identity symbolizes our unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries, embracing the discomfort of change & harnessing the unexplored power of innovation. With The K3Y, we transcend the ordinary, unlocking
new dimensions of possibility

Leveling Up

With an enviable track record of 3 decades of established reputation, we proudly set ourselves apart as industry leaders. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and innovation has earned us trust and recognition. As we forge ahead,our proven expertise continues to fuel our drive to exceed expectations and set new standards of success.

Unlocking the Future

Our future is bright, The K3Y stands at the forefront of a new era,seamlessly blending human ingenuity with cutting-edge

Our next-generation enterprise solution redefines leadership, catering not only to today’s pioneers but also paving the way for generations to come. A human-centric approach becomes the cornerstone, where intuitive interfaces & AI-driven insights enhance decision-making, while fostering genuine connections & meaningful collaborations.

Rebranding for the

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a radical shift in our 3-decade-old model. Embracing uncertainty, we departed from tradition while upholding our timeless principles. We evolved from crisis to reinvention, proving that embracing change & daring to innovate yield enduring success.

Our Values


A changing world: A constant commitment: Our core values define our identity as we innovate forward


2 billion lives: One massive transformational Purpose. Our commitment runs deep, reshaping destinies and leaving a legacy


Prioritising People: We believe in the boundless value within people. We place humanity at the heart of everything we do

Our awesome team

Libbi Martin

Head: Facilitation Line of Value

Steven Cowley

Growth Catalyst

Shelley Belohrad-Kirk

Head: Ensure Change Line of Value

Heidi Haasbroek

General Manager Business Execution

Tumo Marabe

Growth Catalyst

Toni Putter

Growth Catalyst

Talana Abrahanse

Growth Catalyst

Olga Tshisithawe

Growth Catalyst

Monique Woodbborne

Growth Catalyst

Bianca Rose

Finance Manager

Bongani Shiba

Growth Catalyst

Calvin Louw

Growth Catalyst

Siphokazi Moagi

Project Lead/ Connection Hub Support/ Head of Operations : Botswana

Wendell Allmon

Managing Director : Botswana

Dennis Boddy

Growth Catalyst

Caroline Masuku

Growth Catalyst

Anesu Munengwa

General Manager: Business Development

Thamsanqa Sibandze

Growth Catalyst

Marc Hemmens

Growth Catalyst

Julie Thring

Manager Operations & People Processes (HR)/ Support Specialist

Gavin Mardon

Growth Catalyst

Azalea Ruiters

Project Lead/ administrator: Business Execution

Marisa Edwards

Project Lead/ administrator: Business Development & Execution

Bridget Farrell

Head: Coaching Line of Value

Douglas Tames

Growth Catalyst

Beth Parsons

Growth Catalyst

Rapula Malejane

Growth Catalyst

Kabelo Brown

Growth Catalyst

Laura Dowling

Growth Catalyst

Our Esteemed Clients

Carpe Diem

Car·pe di·em (noun): A philosophy embraced by The K3Y, encapsulating the act of seizing the present moment to unlock new horizons of business, enabling the attainment of exceptional results.

Catalysts for your business growth

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